Send for Her Flowers in UAE.

The world would not have been such a beautiful place without Eve. Therefore, our whole life revolves around HER. She can be your mother, your sister, your daughter, your fiancé, your friend or your beloved. Our expert florists at have created magical flower arrangements and bouquets to be delivered online in UAE 'for her'. Women are said to be passionate about flowers and therefore it is mandatory to send flowers to her on special occasions and not so special occasions alike. Send flowers on her birthday, on anniversaries, for her on Valentine's Day, to say thank you for being in your life or just like that because you felt the urge to make her happy by sending lovely posies for her. Send white lilies in glass vases for your mother or grandmother on mother's day or grandparent's day. Send yellow tulips in cardboard boxes to your sister or daughter wishing her a very 'Happy Birthday'. Red roses placed strategically in delicate cane baskets are the most appropriate to be sent to your beloved on Valentine's Day. Your spouse is the whole universe for you and she certainly deserves an immaculate flower stand on her anniversary to express your gratitude for her being in your life.

Teddy Love

Bunch of 15 Red and white Roses in nice wrapping with a (40-45 cm) Teddy Bear

AED 319.00

Posh Pinks

Bunch of 4 stems of Pink Lilies(Approx 12 Flowers), 10 Red Roses in nice wrapping

AED 279.00

Shes Lovely

Bunch of 18 Red Roses & 3 White Roses with nice wrapping

AED 309.00 AED 279.00
hot offerr

Summer Medley Bouquet

Bunch of 2 Stems of Pink Lilies (Approx 6 Flowers) & 10 Stem of Pink Roses with fillers in nice wrapping

AED 249.00

Shine Of Love

Vase with 5 stems of Pink Lilies & 12 Stem of Red Roses

AED 389.00

Pink Perfection

Bunch of 6 Stems Of Pink Roses 6 Stems Of Pink Carnations & 3 Stems of Pink Lilies (Approx 9 Flowers) in Nice wrapping

AED 312.00
Free Glass Vase

Surprise the Lady

15 Red Roses in a Glass vase

AED 229.00

French Country Collection

Glass Vase with 3 stems of White Lily, 15 Peach Roses in a Glass vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 329.00

Elegant Sweetheart 60

Arrangement of 60 Pink Roses in a heart shape

AED 669.00

Kiss by kiss 12

Bunch of 12 Red Roses with fillers in nice wrapping

AED 219.00

Budding Beauty 10

10 Pink Tulips in a vase

AED 249.00

Roses Wave

19 Red roses and 1 white rose in a vase (One side arrangement)

AED 299.00


Bunch of 60 Pink Roses

AED 639.00

Stylish Feature 30

30 Red Tulips in a vase.

AED 599.00

Basket to Impress

Round basket arrangement of 4 stems of pink lilies , 14 Pink Roses , 6 peach roses , 6 white roses and 2 stems of White chrysanthemums with lots of greens and gypsophillia and 250 gms Patchi chocolate

AED 638.00

Shades of Pink

9 Pink and 9 Red Roses with fillers in a Glass vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 259.00

Color of Love

Arrangement of 8 red roses and 5 red carnations in a glass vase

AED 219.00

Charming Combo

Vase of 24 Red and Pink roses and Medium size Brown teddy bear

AED 497.00 AED 449.00
hot offerr

Charming Bouquet

3 Red Rose , 15 Pink Carnation , 15 Red Carnations in a Vase

AED 459.00

Blush Of Love

Bunch of 3 stems of Pink Lily & 8 Stems of Pink Rose In nice wrapping

AED 279.00 AED 219.00
hot offerr

Pink Hydrangea Love

Bunch of 12 Stems of Pink Hydrangea with fillers and brown wrapping

AED 999.00

Perfect Pink

24 Pink Roses in a Vase

AED 319.00

Beautiful Pink

Vase with 10 Stems of Pink Tulips , 6 Stems of Pink Roses & White Hydrangia ( as Image)

AED 469.00
Free Chocolate

My Desire

Bunch of 3 Stems Of Pink Lilies (Approx 9 Flowers) & 8 Stems of Pink Roses in nice wrapping

AED 259.00

Always n forever

Bunch of 100 Pink Roses in Nice wrapping

AED 999.00

Graceful Pink

12 stems of Pink Roses in a Vase

AED 210.00

Strong Feelings

50 Pink and 49 Red Roses in a vase

AED 1439.00


6 stems of Pink Lily, 14 Pink Rose in a glass vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 459.00 AED 399.00
hot offerr

Stargazing Beauty

Bunch of 5 stems of Pink Lilies in nice wrapping

AED 245.00

Cheery Bouquet

Glass vase with 10 Stem of White Roses and 4 Stem of Pink Lilies (Approx 12 Flowers) with greens

AED 295.00

Dreaming Pink

Single stem of Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

AED 269.00

Truly Magic

BUNCH 7 Red and 5 white roses with greens and gyspophillia

AED 209.00

Key Of My Heart

Bunch of 20 Pink roses in nice wrapping

AED 295.00

Miss Lovely 75

Bouquet of 75 Pink Roses in nice wrapping

AED 859.00
Free Shiping

Premium Pink

BUNCH of 12 Pink Roses

AED 189.00

Shade Of Pink

Vase with 5 Stems of Pink Lilies & 18 Stems of White Roses With Greens .(One side Round Arrangement)

AED 433.00

Dreaming in Pink

1 Stem of Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

AED 255.00

Pink Sophistication

4 stems of White Chrysanthemums , 6 Pink Carnation and 5 Pink Rose in a cube vase (Arrangement)

AED 229.00

Deluxe Pastel Rose Bouquet

6 stems of Pink , 6 stems of Purple , 6 stems of Peach Roses in a vase

AED 229.00

Elegant Bouquet

8 Pink Carnation, 4 stems of White Lily, 8 Pink Rose in a Glass Vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 395.00