As love is the most recognised feeling in this world, the abode of love, the heart, also has a special place of pride in the domain of the kingdom of love. To celebrate the feeling of love, send a heart- shaped bouquet online through to rule the heart of your sweetheart. As we are aware that the heart-shaped bouquets are extremely popular especially during Valentine's period, our expert florists are on the lookout to create new bouquets in the shape of the heart to provide freshness to our collection of heart-shaped bouquets. These bouquets are made using extremely captivating flowers like roses, lilies, tulips, gerberas, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, gladiolas, lavender, heliconias, to name a few. There are many heart-shaped flower arrangements which adorn our webpage. Some of them are of a single variety of single coloured flower while the others have a variety of flowers used to create them. To create an extra impact on your lady love, you can have the heart-shaped flower arrangement nestled in an attractive cane basket with a red ribbon tied around. A small teddy bear perched with the flowers will look extremely cute to the beautiful lady. No need to wait only for Valentine's Day, send a heart-shaped bouquet to your bae whenever you feel like making her heart throb with excitement.

Worldwide Romance of Rose

Heart Shape of 40 Red Roses with a white bow

AED 549.00
Free Shiping

Heartfelt Roses 60

60 White Roses in a heart shape

AED 699.00
Free Shiping

Pink Heart

Heart shape of 16 stems of Pink Chrysanthemums and 10 Purple orchids

AED 549.00

Heart Of Love 200

Heart of 200 Red Roses with greens

AED 2399.00
Free Shiping

Elegant Sweetheart 60

Arrangement of 60 Pink Roses in a heart shape

AED 669.00

Sweet Love Hamper

50 Red And Pink Roses In Heart Shape Arrangement.

AED 599.00

Precious Heart 60

60 Red Roses in Heart Shape

AED 739.00
Free Shiping

Elegant Sweetheart

24 Pink Roses in heart shape

AED 339.00
Free Chocolate

Love at its peak

100 Red Roses in Heart shape Box.

AED 1195.00
Free Cake

Pure Heart 100

100 Red Roses In Heart Shape with Net.

AED 1199.00

Blooming Love

Heart shape arrangement of 25 Red Roses in a red cube vase

AED 329.00

Unbeatable Roses

999 Red and Pink roses in a basket(Arrangement)

AED 16999.00
Free Cake

Red & Pink Roses

99 red roses and pink roses, heart-shaped flower arrangement with greens

AED 1099.00

Timeless Romance

Bunch of 500 Red Roses

AED 3999.00

Classic Heart 150

Heart of 150 Red and white Roses with greens.

AED 1799.00
Free Shiping

Astonishing Heart

20 Red Roses and 16 pcs Ferrero Rocher in a heart shape box Arrangement

AED 328.00

Expressive Heart

Heart arrangement shaped of 20 Red Carnation , 10 White and 1 Red Roses

AED 405.00


75 Red Roses in a Heart Shape ( Arrangement)

AED 1088.00

Healthy Love

40 Mixed Roses Heart Shape Arrangement with Green Fillers( Dracaena)

AED 582.00

Heart Blooms

Heart Shape Arrangement of 16 Red and 15 White roses with Gypso and Singapori Leaves

AED 504.00

Lovers Tune

Heart Shape Arrangement of 40 Pink Roses with fillers

AED 592.00

Stunning Heart

Heart Shape Arrangement of 17 Red Roses with fillers

AED 263.00

Elegant Heart

Heart Shape Arrangement of 60 Red Roses and 20 White Roses

AED 989.00